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Online Slots Games

Slot machines come in many styles and variations, but the basic approach is as easy as three steps. After choosing a slot game, the player makes a wager. Then, the player must push a button on the machine or on their computer screen to start the reel (some casino slot machines have a lever on the side that players must pull). The reel spins rapidly and the player waits to see if the symbols finally align in a winning combination.

Free Vegas Online Slots Available

Slot games feature the following types of reels

3 reel slots are standard. There are few betting options, making them uncomplicated.

5 reel slots feature five columns and three rows of symbols. Five reel slots increase options for players. Five reel slots often feature themes like movies and animals, making them entertaining to play.

7 reel slots are more complicated due to the added reels, but they provide more options.

All slots require wagers on single lines or multiple lines. These “paylines” are paid based on the symbol matching system. When the reel stops and the combination of symbols match a line that a wager was placed upon, then the player is paid. Common slot game symbols are cherries, sevens, and bars. Spins can also result in surprise perks, such as free spins, bonus rounds or a scatter, which is a specified symbol that increases payouts if present in the stopped combination.

Slot Machine Payouts

Just as slot games vary, so do their payouts. Players must make a bet on every line when playing standard reel slots in order to receive the jackpot win. Some jackpots are based on the amount wagered while others have the same payout regardless. If the stopped combination is a jackpot, players who wagered one cent will receive the same payout as those who wagered $5.00.