Aristocrat slots are slot machine games designed, developed, and manufactured by Aristocrat Leisure Unlimited. This Australian company is the 2nd largest slot machine company in the world, second only to IGT (International Game Technology). The company began by catering to Australian casinos and gamblers, but it has since expanded to offer gaming machines in over 200 different jurisdictions worldwide.

About Aristocrat Leisure Unlimited

Len Ainsworth founded Aristocrat Leisure in 1953, and it operated as a private company until 1996, when the company IPO’ed on the Australian Stock Exchange. With 60+ years’ experience in the industry and over 2200 employees, Aristocrat is nipping at the heels of its larger competitor IGT.

Aristocrat doesn’t just design and manufacture gaming machines for use in traditional land-based casinos. They have a robust online offering and a growing Internet presence, too. The Internet might be the future of casino gambling, and Aristocrat has moved into this market quickly and aggressively.

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Aristocrat Slot Machine Games

Aristocrat offers nearly as large an assortment of games as IGT, but some of their titles are better known than others.

Here are a few of the most famous brands of Aristocrat slots:

50 Lions - 50 Lions has a wild animal / African jungle theme. The reel symbols include the eponymous lions and zebras, as well as other critters you might run into in Africa. It’s one of Aristocrat’s most popular game offerings in traditional land-based casinos.

It’s a 5 reel slot machine with 50 pay lines. (See what they did there? 50 Lions? 50 lines?) The game also features free spins and scatter symbols. The orange and black color scheme is unusual enough to make this game stand out from the other machines in the casino.

Queen of the Nile Slots - Queen of the Nile slots is another popular casino games in traditional land-based casinos. An Internet version, Queen of the Nile 2, was one of the first Internet offerings from the company. As the name implies, this machine has an Egyptian theme.

Like 50 Lions, the game has scatter symbols and free spins. Unlike 50 Lions, Queen of the Nile only has 25 pay lines. Even though it’s a video slots game, the sound effects and reel symbols have an air of tradition about. The game almost seems old fashioned. It’s fun, but the graphics don’t compare with some of the fancy new 3D games you’ll see from other online software providers like Net Entertainment.

The Sopranos Slots - IGT, Aristocrat’s largest competitor, has made an entire industry of adapting TV shows and other pop culture phenomenon into slot machine games. They don’t hold a monopoly on this practice, though. Aristocrat has demonstrated with their game based on the popular HBO show The Sopranos that they can effectively design, manufacture, and promote games based on TV shows, too.

The Sopranos slots have 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The reel symbols include characters from the show:

  • Artie
  • Bobby
  • Christopher
  • Johnny
  • Paulie

The game features clips and voice voices from the actual show, and the gaming experience is perfect for hardcore fans.

Superman Slots - Online software provider Playtech has an exclusive arrangement with Marvel Comics to offer Internet slot machines featuring their characters. DC Comics, on the other hand, has multiple arrangements with multiple companies. One of those is their arrangement with Aristocrat to offer a slot machine game based on the most iconic superhero of all, Superman.

But unfortunately, Aristocrat has so far only released a brick and mortar version of Superman slots. Whether or not they’ll make Superman slots available on the Internet is anyone’s guess.

The Walking Dead Slots - Given the popularity of The Walking Dead on television, you’d think that IGT would have swooped in and grabbed the rights to making a slots game based on the show immediately. Somehow Aristocrat got the jump on them.

The Walking Dead slots feature a massive jackpot of half a million dollars.

It also has 2 bonus wheel games:

  • The Atlanta Wheel
  • The CDC Wheel

Fans of the show will recognize the significance of these themes. Atlanta and surrounding areas are the setting for most of the show’s episodes. The Center for Disease Control, of course, are the ones who are responsible for containing and managing a zombie plague outbreak.

Fans of the show love The Walking Dead slot machines.


Aristocrat slots have been around for over 60 years, but their online presence is huge and growing. Not only do they offer some insanely popular original games like 50 Lions and Queen of the Nile, but they’re also aggressively pursuing licenses for already popular intellectual properties. Some of their most popular licenses include The Sopranos, Superman, and The Walking Dead.

I don’t know exactly what’s next for Aristocrat, but I’d be willing to wager it’s going to continue to be bigger and better.