Air Dice

Air Dice is a Finnish game developer, whose strategy is to offer the gaming community new game ideas, to go beyond what is currently available in the market. This is still a very small company, with fewer than 10 employees listed on their site at the time of this review. With such a small crew, it’s no wonder that they only have 7 slot machines out currently, particularly since they’re juggling quite a few other balls in the gambling niche. From mobile games, to Facebook apps, money games, iPhone apps and Bingo, they have a lot of different things to offer. They even offer support for marketing or advertising campaigns.

The offer of this developer is quite varied. For example, besides the games that they’re developing, Air Dice also offers turnkey solutions, allowing operators to start up an online bingo or casino, with everything they need for this. Should the client want a custom game, they can do this as well.

Over a dozen sites are using the Air Dice software, which is pretty impressive actually, considering how small the company is.

History of Air Dice

I haven’t found much about the history of Air Dice, so I got nothing to comment on that. The company’s founder is Sami Makinen, while the CFO is Peter Granfelt, and Creative Director is Teemu Teras. Five developers and one designer fill up the rest of the roles at this company.


Considering how small of a company this is, it’s impressive to see how many balls they’re juggling at the same time. About half a dozen slot machines have been released so far, but that’s not all they’re offering.

Slot Machines: Air Dice has a total of 7 slots out, including titles like Choco Deluxe, Randomanic or Octane Overdrive. I haven’t found anything overly original in that collection, at least if we look at their themes. Things change once you check out the gameplay for some of them though.

Consider Choco Deluxe for example, where you can play like in a regular slot machine, or you can place the dice sets by yourself, for more control. The rest of the game experience is just as unique.

Another one that’s cool is Octane Overdrive, where you get an increased multiplier after each winning spin (Gear Up), while two non-winning rounds will decrease it (Gear Down).

Some of their other titles are a bit more common, both in design and features, offering wilds, Mystery Games or scatters.

BingoBooster: this is the technology that made Air Dice known in this market. It can be used to connect the online player to a real bingo club. The feed with the bingo hall draw is transmitted on the BingoBooster powered site, so that players can tune in and purchase their tickets for it. They will get the results in real time, same as the players that are present there. Online and local players compete for the same prize.

Mobile Gaming: they’ve done well in this area as well, offering several products for the mobile gaming market, especially around Mobile Roulette. They launched products such as Challenge Jackpot and SuperCasino. They let the user watch how a roulette wheel spins in a TV studio, so it’s a live broadcast. At the same time, they control it from their mobile device, and that proved to be exciting for players.

Popular Titles

Two of their games are a bit more interesting, at least for me, since they have unique features and that’s not something you find easily in this market. I’d recommend you check out games like Choco Deluxe or Octane Overdrive, if you’re interested in the same type of things from your slots.

Highest RTP Games

I’ve seen no mention of the RTP that’s available from Air Dice slots, so try them and see how they work out for you, just don’t jump in using the maximum wager immediately.