Arrow’s Edge

Arrow’s Edge is one of the newer companies on the market, as they’ve been established in 2014. Besides the quality of their games and the rest of their software offer, one of the things which made them stand out was the fact that they’re one of the few that are available at casinos which allow US players to sign-up. They don’t have as many competitors in that field, with only the likes of RTG or Rival being major names there. A couple of very well known casinos which allow US players have the content from Arrow’s Edge on offer as well.

This isn’t just a game developer, it’s also offering casinos a full software package which they can use to power their site. Besides the 50+ games, they also have the VIP Club or the Rewards Play, along with options for Tournaments and Jackpots. They also have mostly titles which are mobile ready, another plus in this day and age.

On their site, they announce that their games are tested by an independent auditor, called NMi, which is good news since it’s a reputable organization and so we know that the content is fair to players, in terms of RNG.

History of Arrow’s Edge

Founded in 2014, Arrow’s Edge has started out as a developer in the gaming market which had a big focus on laptop and desktop players, so on the PC market. They started doing work for the mobile side of the market as well, and they currently have a couple of dozen titles on the market which are available to these players as well. More than 50 titles have been designed so far by the company, both for desktops and mobiles.


Somewhere around 50+ titles are available currently from Arrow’s Edge, at a couple of casinos which allow US players. The slot machines are obviously a big part of that collection, but they’re not alone. Arrow’s Edge also has video poker, roulette in a couple of variants, baccarat, blackjack and even casino poker.

The majority of these games are mobile ready, so they will be easily accessible to players on all major platforms (iOS and Android at this point).

Progressive jackpots might be huge at other developers, but that doesn’t mean that smaller companies can’t offer something as well. The ones offered by this company are typically in the four to five figures range, reaching even values of up to $75,000 in some cases (Super Slots Jackpot for some of the titles with 5 reels). They also offer a Cash Grab Jackpot for Slots and another one for Video Poker titles.

Looking at the stories which they’re telling through these slots, I have to say that I had quite a bit of fun with them. They have several parodies which are inspired by various TV series or stories, including here The Winning Dead (The Walking Dead), Game of Kings (Game of Thrones), Mad Road (Mad Max) or Robin In The Woods (Robin Hood). Add other funny titles like Shopping in the Hills, political games like World Leaders, or even slots like Yakuza which borrow from Japanese mafia, and I found Arrow’s Edge offer to be an exciting one.

Popular Titles

The more they get the attention of players, the better. A couple of excellent slot machines from Arrow’s Edge which capture the imagination include World Leaders, Time Bender and The Winning Dead. These are all pretty exciting to play, though Arrow’s Edge has no shortage of slots with interesting stories to tell.

Highest RTP Games

I haven’t found much information on the RTP of their games. 93% to 96% is the range given for one of their slots, 4th and Goal, but other than that I haven’t found anything. They don’t seem to announce this figure, which is definitely a downside.