Asylum Labs

Asylum Labs LogoA company which was established in 2013, Asylum Labs was founded by several veterans from the casino industry, and so it had a strong start. The games they offer have certifications in strong jurisdictions, including from UK, Isle of Man and Gibraltar. In addition to their own games, they also offer Bespoke solutions, creating titles for others if required, according to their own requirements. They will often integrate social networking related elements into their games.

ArcLight Universal Platform: it’s a platform designed to deliver mobile content, which is scaleable and highly secure, being available on multiple types of devices. It’s available from Asylum Labs and it appears to be one of their main products.

Asylum Labs are trying to cover all their bases, and so the games they design are going to be made available on multiple platforms, including via land-based cabinets and at online casinos.

History of Asylum Labs

The creation of Asylum Labs can be dated back to 2013, its founders being four industry veterans. They’ve worked on their own software platform, called ArcLight Universal, and they seem to have left the actual game development to the side for a while. They’ve released less than half a dozen titles as of right now, but I think you’re going to be satisfied with the way they play nonetheless.

Soon after they started out, Asylum Labs was nominated as a top 5 company at EiG Startup Launchpad, in 2014.  That year they also released Wild Party Bingo, making it available on both social media (Facebook) and on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

In 2015, they also made this new title of theirs available on Playphone and Yahoo, so they truly try to reach as many eyes as possible by launching on all platforms. Their strategy seems to have paid off in the case of Wild Party Bingo, as the game has reached 10,000 active users per day in 2015, and then both the company and the game got nominations at EGR 2015, in three different categories.

With about 250 competitors that they went against, Asylum Labs got picked in September 2015 to be among those that are supported by the WH Labs Accelerator, which has William Hill behind it.

As proof that they are one of the most promising new companies, they once again got nominated at EGR Awards, in 2016.

In 2017, Asylum Labs launched their first slot machine, which is called Congo Bongo, available both on desktop and mobile. The William Hill sites picked it up immediately, so it became available and got recognition quickly.

The latest news out of Asylum Labs, from mid-2018, was that they signed a partnership with Leander Games. This will allow Asylum Labs to offer their content on the Leander platform.


One of the more popular titles from Asylum Labs might have been Wild Party Bingo, but they’ve launched a couple of slots as well in recent years. It’s an interesting list, which gives us titles like Congo Bongo (jungle musicians), Beauty and the Beast (story), Paywire or Poker Dog Slots.

The slots are very well designed, particularly the ones with modern themes. I appreciate the work that has gone into these slots that they’ve released so far.

As for the features involved, you can get wild symbols, scatters, bonus games or Special Reel Features, among others. It’s looking pretty good, and chances are you’re not going to get bored easily.

Popular Titles

If you discount the very popular Wild Party Bingo, and you look mostly at the slot machines, I’d say that the most interesting titles from Asylum Labs are Beauty and the Beast or Congo Bongo. Both give the player something different, at least graphics wise.

Highest RTP Games

The RTP of the Asylum Labs slots hasn’t been announced so far, so be careful and test the games out with a smaller wager first, to see how it goes.