BetConstruct is a company that’s based in UK, and which offers a wide range of gambling related products to their clients. They are present in 11 countries around the world, but operators from all over can use their products. In addition to their online casino games, of which they have about two dozen at the moment, they also offer sports betting and casino platforms. It’s no small company either, and this is evident from the over 1,000 people that it employs.

They also have more than 200 partners from all over the world, covering four continents. In addition to their slot machines, they also have offers in Fantasy Sports, Poker, Sportsbook, Skill Games, Live Dealer, Financial Marketing and even Affiliate Marketing.

In terms of gaming licenses, BetConstruct have obtained approval to operate in several major jurisdictions. For example, their gambling software uses a UK gaming license, as well as one from Curacao and another from Malta. Their Sportsbook is certified via BMM Test Labs, and the RNG in their slot machines is also tested.

History of BetConstruct

BetConstruct has been founded in 2003, its creators being Vigen Badalyan and Vahe Badalyan. It’s a UK company, whose HQ is in London, while the development takes place in Armenia. Not much is known about the first couple of years of their history, but starting from 2011 they started making appearances at various trade fairs of the gaming industry. They started at Milan Games Week back then, but over the year they had booths at most trade shows that were organized, including at ICE several times.

An announcement from 2015 from the company has let us know of the new platform that they were working on, which was called Spring, and which was to be used both by gaming and betting operators. Later that year, they mentioned that Spring was to be at least partially an open-source software, with the API being made available on a special gateway. BetCloud was released that same year, and it’s a system which allows its operators to take bets higher than their own limits, passing the extra amount on to the BetCloud, so that other users of the platform can accept it.

Colossus Bets, R Franco and EGT were some of the casinos and companies with which they’ve signed partnerships in 2015, while in 2016 they did the same with the Bulgarian National Lottery, Casino Malta and Spigo.

Over the years, BetConstruct’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. They won several awards in 2015 and 2016. Innovator of the Year and Best Customer Service were the ones from 2015, obtained at IGA and Egaming Review B2B, respectively. Next year, IGA awarded them as the best Technology Provider/Supplier, while at Egaming Review they once again got the award for Best Customer Service.


Somewhere around two dozen slot machines are available directly from this company. They don’t seem to release them on a regular basis, so for example in 2017 they seem to have launched only two slots, Viking Treasures and Gold Rush.

Check out the themes involved, and you will find plenty which are enjoyable. Dancin Zombies and Rabbit Fire Circus are two of those, but even a fruit themed game can be fun, and they’ve proven it with Fruity Maniacs.

While the features they offer tend to be standard ones (bonus features, multipliers, wilds, free spins, etc), this seems to allow them to offer big payouts in most of their slots. A reward of 10,000x or 15,000x for a single combination is possible in quite a few of them, and I think it’s important to have a big target to aspire to.

Popular Titles

You will get a couple of excellent games from BetConstruct, and players seem to have their favorites, with slots like Dancin Zombies, Mardi Gras or Fruity Maniacs getting a little bit more attention and spins from them.

Highest RTP Games

The games I’ve seen BetConstruct release so far have all been at an RTP slightly higher than 96%, which is always nice to see. A couple of examples of games with a known RTP include Pharaohs Lost Treasure (96.35%), Fruity Maniacs (96.11%) and Dancin Zombies (96.07%).

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