Tycoons Slot Review

Tycoons by Betsoft – Slot Machine Review

Tycoons is one more 3D-style slot machine coming from Betsoft, a developer that has built quite a reputation with such games. It’s got a luxury theme going on, its main characters being rich people from all parts of the world, who we get a chance to see how they live.

You will have 5 reels and a total of 30 paylines to use as you’re trying to win the game’s own payouts of up to $10,000 per combo, or the progressive jackpot that comes attached. Free spins can be triggered in this game, with wins doubled for certain combinations. You will have a couple of bonus features as well, triggered via scatter symbols.


For a game that has its wagers set up for 30 active lines, Tycoons can actually go even below the usual $0.30 minimum, as it lets you choose how many lines you’re using. You can then pick up to 5 coins to use per active payline, or the denomination can vary between $0.01 and $1. Max out every option at your disposal, to reach a total bet of $150.

Tycoons Jackpot

Ideally, you want the slot’s progressive jackpot to be yours. It has its own triggering symbols that need to be forming a winning combination. It’s also worth noting that all the Tycoon symbols pay the same amount, 1,000x the line bet, or up to $5,000 in the base game. This doubles to $10,000, during free spins. This is just for one combo, and naturally you have up to 30 each round to get paid through.

It’s not something that I’m going to say often about a Betsoft game, but Tycoons actually has a decent RTP, of 95.3%. It’s not quite at the level that I’d want it, of 96% or higher, but it’s quite a bit better than the 92-93% area that a lot of other Slots3 games are at.

Special Features

The major features mostly revolve around various bonus games or free spins that you trigger via scatters, but you get no wilds from it.

Free Spins

Activating the free spins mode is going to be done via a small fs logo, which you will see appear in the corner of character symbols, though only some of the times. Have it appear in a winning combo with 3+ Tycoons, to get access to the free spins. During the free games, not only are you winning twice as much thanks to the multipliers involved, but you also get a wild reel in one of the middle three columns.

This feature will trigger with 3, 6 or 12 free spins, based on how many characters were in the combination which triggered it.

Instant Credit Click Me

This one is a small feature, which gets triggered through three symbols that appear consecutively on one of the first three paylines. The gold ingots, cash and the check will be in the triggering symbols. You have to select one of these symbols, to get a prize.

Bonus Round

With the Dealer’s Cards icon, you get scatters that may appear on the reels at any point. At least three will be needed, to get you into the feature. Inside, you have to try and predict which tycoon will be the hand’s winner, as they play a game of poker.


One of the tycoon’s mansion is the place where the action occurs. You’re seeing the beautiful white mansion as a support for the reels, with tall columns placed between the reels. There is a water fountain at the bottom, a red sports car which acts as the Spin button, and palm trees to the sides. The 3D style graphics are expected from Betsoft, and the game has the usual high quality in this particular area.

Moving on to the symbols, the paytable will host four tycoons (from US, Middle East and Europe apparently), three types of valuables (gold bars, checks or cash) and three objects you can buy (champagne, sports cars, a laptop). To this you can add the briefcase which triggers the progressive jackpot, along with the Dealer’s Hand.


Tycoons has been enjoyable thanks to the quality of its graphics, and contrary to what I’ve come to expect from Betsoft, it’s offering a decent RTP as well.

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