Capecod Gaming

Capecod Gaming, though still considered a relatively small developer of online casino games, has actually been around since 1987, when it started out as a small software house, based in Italy. These days, they create 100% Made in Italy slot machines, as they like to say, and there are over 60 titles released in their collection. They’ve been acquired recently by the Novomatic Group, so right now they’re part of a larger company.

More than 80 operators rely on Capecod Gaming to provide them with games, and this includes the three biggest Italian operators. The company has its own software platform to offer online casinos, and it’s already been a decade since they’ve launched it. Their games are designed with HTML5, and they’re accessible on multiple platforms, mobile included obviously.

History of Capecod Gaming

Capecod has been established in 1987, as a software house. That’s about it for what is known about this company. Their own history timeline doesn’t mention anything else until 2007, when they released BIGpoker, which was a poker platform for the Italian market. One year later, they also launched their own iGaming Platform, destined for use by online casinos.

As of 2012, we know that they were busy porting popular land-based slot machines to the online or mobile platforms, and then distributing them. In 2013, they created their first slot machines from scratch, and they started distributing them to online sites. At that time, they used both Flash and HTML5 for their content.

In 2014, the company gave up on Flash, and switched to HTML5 completely. They also released the mobile version for the iGaming Platform that year, thanks to this switch in technology.

2015 had them releasing new Blackjack and Roulette titles, which were accessible on mobile devices thanks to the use of HTML5.

In 2016 Core Gaming signed with several new operators, and thanks to deals they’ve gotten over the years, they had their content at more than 80 customers at the time, the biggest three from the Italian market being included.

Finally, in October 2017, Capecod has been acquired by Novomatic, and they’re now a subsidiary of this giant of the gambling industry. They got re-branded as well, to Capecod Gaming. Their aim remained to take as much market share as they could, and they believed that Novomatic would help them reach that goal.


Capecod Gaming has released 67 slot machines to the market, and as of right now they’re doing a great job putting content out there. It took them only four years to get to this number of games. In addition to their slots, they also have several table games on offer. Their more recent titles are all offered at HD quality, and their entire collection is built in HTML5 and it’s mobile friendly.

These are 100% Made in Italy titles, as the developers keep mentioning on their site, and in some cases they borrow a bit from the local style and history. There is no better place to find games about the Roman legionnaires (IX Legio), about exploration ships (Wild Galleon) or about Italy (Bella Napoli).

One of the things that have impressed me about Capecod Gaming’s work is the level of detail that they often use in their designs. They have some excellent looking slot machines to offer, and it’s not even hard to find one that you will like. Though they still use Royals in some cases, the rest of the graphics involved are highly enjoyable. I’ll mention just a couple of good looking titles, though there are a lot more. You should try out slots like Musketeers, Guardians of the Kingdom or Conquistadores.

I haven’t seen anything unique in their games, but the feature offer is a solid one. Depending on the game, you can get a mix of bonus games, wilds, scatters, free spins and variations based on these. As I said, nothing too unique, but the experience is solid.

On the payout front, a typical win will give you 1,000x to 2,000x per line, and I’ve seen some reaching 5,000x. It does a reasonable job in trying to make the game attractive.

Popular Titles

Among their popular titles, Musketeers seems to occupy a special place in people’s hearts. That’s not the only good game that they offer though, and their new releases also tend to get some attention, along with the ones with higher RTP.

Highest RTP Games

The majority of the Capecod Gaming releases will be at 95% or higher, and only a few seem to go over the 96% line. The ones doing better, and which you can play anytime, include Guardians of the Kingdom (96.21%), Fruits (96.58%), Candy Land (96.8%) and Mayan Adventure (97.27%).