A company which was founded in 2012, Endorphina is based in Prague, Czech Republic. They’re developers of slot machines, which are available to be played at an increasing number of casinos these days. It’s a modern company, one which doesn’t shy away from controversial topics, as the themes of some of their slots will show, and which also embraces modern trends (crypto-currency can be used in their slot machines, if you’re at the right casinos).

History of Endorphina

The history of Endorphina dates back to 2012. Their best year appears to have been 2015, when they released Satoshi’s Secret and The Ninja. Both won awards, and Endorphina even got Slot Developer of the Year in 2015, mostly because of those two releases.

Controversy seems to follow them around, ever since they launched a series of slots which is inspired by tribes and local cultures. Maori had to be renamed to Tribes because of that, and Durga got some protests from India as well.

The company tries to capitalize on modern trends that nobody else is covering, so that’s how they came up with slots like Twerk, Diamond Vapor or Taboo.


Endorphina currently has 54 slot machines released, with a new one being announced every 1-3 months. Unfortunately, they’re mostly Flash-based titles, so they don’t seem to have made the move to HTML5.

I’ve discovered in their collection a great spread of game themes, some of them based on local cultures, others on modern topics or even on celebrities. There will be others which are far less unique, titles like Lucky Lands (Irish luck), Little Panda (Chinese wildlife) or 7Up (fruits and classic icons), but those appear to be in a minority actually.

As far as interesting slots go, you will find that Endorphina has an entire series which is inspired by local cultures, slots like Durga (India), Tribe (Maori), Voodoo or Kamchatka (Russian east). They also approach modern day popular trends, and they’re not afraid of a bit of controversy, so you have from them releases like Taboo (BDSM inspired), Diamond Vapor (vaping) or Twerk (the twerk dancing style).

While the themes and graphics which are offered in Endorphina’s slots tend to be modern and very attractive, the features involved are rarely going to be unique. You will discover wilds that may expand, free spins, some bonus games, scatters, but they don’t seem to try and innovate in this particular area.

I tend to like the payouts which they offer, as even though some slots pay only 1,000x or 2,000x the stake at most, there are also some which offer as much as 10,000x. There is something for everyone in there, and the best thing is that the RTP is always set to 96%.

Popular Titles

Endorphina has come in the spotlight several times in the last couple of years, often because of their choice of game themes, which have gotten protests from certain countries that didn’t like being portrayed in a slot machine. The games which got that extra bit of attention were also more popular because of it, so slots like Tribe or Durga are played more often in certain parts of the world. Other than those, you will discover that the most popular titles from Endorphina’s collection are releases like 7UP, Voodoo, 2027 ISS, Safari or Taboo.

Looking at their past releases, the games which have made the biggest splash are the ones which also got awards when they came out. Satoshi’s Secret is one of those slots, while The Ninja is another. You can’t really go wrong with these two.

Highest RTP Games

This is one category where there isn’t much to be said. There is no such thing as highest RTP when it comes to Endorphina slot machines. They use a 96% RTP for every single slot machine they release, so this is no longer a factor when you’re picking a game of theirs. You’re left with the choice of a game with the right volatility, features or theme, but in the long run the chances to make money from their slots are the same for all.