Espresso Games

Espresso Games LogoEspresso Games has been around since 2002, and it is a UK-based company which offers casino games for the online market. Over 50 games have already been made available to casinos, and they include several inspiring titles which I’d recommend. These days, Espresso Games is a Talenta brand, having been acquired by them in 2015. They have offices in UK, Italy, Colombia, Malta, Hong Kong, United States and Spain.

The list of casinos relying on content from Espresso Games isn’t a very long one, with only 9 names being on that list. They offer a complete platform for those interested, including here their slot machines, but also table games, video poker and other content, and they even have the option for progressive jackpots. It’s all complete with a solid back-office.

Espresso Games Software

The developer tries to offer clients more than just slot machines, and so they have created a number of software options for them to pick from.

3s Module: also known as Speedy Setup Solution, it allows companies to easily integrate gaming platforms via this integration module.

CyberBox: the company also has this back-office platform, which is web-based and which allows clients to manage their operations, and even to expand them. This includes loyalty points, VIP Clubs, bonus systems and jackpots among its tools. It’s a system which makes daily management of operations much easier to deal with.

Special Jackpots: there are about three different options here, including ones for Cross-Game Jackpot Tournaments (mobile and desktop players can compete against each other), Multi-Player Jackpot Quests (leaderboard included, allowing players to compete against each other) and Progressive Reel Jackpots (winning mini jackpots at a high frequency).

History of Espresso Games

Espresso Games is one of the older developers still around today, having started in 2002 as a UK company. The company was bought in 2015, by Talenta, an Italian developer. Talenta and Espresso Games were then acquired as well by a venture capital company, just two years later, in 2017. The development office was moved to Milan, so the UK side of the business doesn’t seem to be there anymore. These days, they’re advertising their Made in Italy products.


There is a fairly long list of games that are being offered under the Espresso Games brand, about 50 of which being slot machines. That’s not all that is available though. Their collection also includes 7 variants of Roulette, 10 Card Games, 3 Special Games and 14 Video Poker. It’s a decent mix of options, enough to give a new casino a little bit of everything so that they can offer it to their players, while using the Espresso Games platform as well.

Their collection of slots is the one that interests us most in this case, and it’s quite an impressive one. In therms of themes offered, I found a large number of slots which are not using regular themes, which most developers seem to prefer. Instead, you’re getting unique stories from slots like Mu vs Atlantis, Bubble Rama, Better Sound, 2050 Escape From Mars, Cave Man Life, Chakra and many more. All in all, it’s a fairly impressive list that we’re seeing, if you’re the type to want something interesting theme wise.

The graphics aren’t that far behind the themes either, and I’ve definitely noticed the quality in most of these slots. Naturally, they have their share of classics and games with less than great graphics, but overall it’s a good looking bunch.

I’ve been fairly happy about the features which are provided as well, since the game doesn’t skimp on cool options. Look at Caveman Life, to give you one example, and there will be a little bit of everything, from wilds, to scatters, bonus games and free spins. It’s the same for most of their modern releases.

Popular Titles

If you don’t want to try out all their content, and you’d rather skip directly to the popular ones, then the list of games which others are preferring includes Amun Ra, 2050 Escape from Mars, 7 and Co, Bullets for Money, Better Sound and Caveman Life.

Highest RTP Games

You will notice quite a few games with lower RTP in the collection offered by this developer, which is unfortunate. Most that I’ve seen are at 93% or 94%, with the likes of Amun Ra even going as low as 90.74%.

I haven’t really seen games that I would recommend, with high RTP, but I haven’t checked the entire list of 50+ slots. The way to locate the RTP, which is not made available in the paytable, is to find the Menu button, and it will give you the option to read the Guide for the slot. The RTP is available on that page usually, somewhere at the end.