Fantasma Games

Fantasma Games originates from Sweden, the company’s offices being in Stockholm, the country’s capital. It’s still a new company, which started working on its collection of games in 2016, and the first slot machine from them was launched in 2017. They have a little over half a dozen slot machines released at the moment, but it’s already enough to see the potential that they have. Their claim, that they want to be known for the innovation they bring to this category, is already visible, and I think you will also appreciate the graphics and RTP that is used in their slots.

Thanks to a deal that they signed with Microgaming, their slot machines have been available on the Quickfire platform fairly quickly, and so they have had a lot of exposure to players. You might need to search for their few slots among the hundreds of other titles offered on Quickfire, but at least there are plenty of casinos which include their games these days.

History of Fantasma Games

With only two years behind their founding date (2016), and one year since they started releasing slot machines (2017), there isn’t a lot of history here, but there are several very good slot machines. In order, they released or announced Super Sumo (June 2017), Samurai Ken (March 2018), The Grid (May 2018), Spooky 5000 (June 2018), Neo Spin (October 2018), Star Princess (November 2018) and Chicken Storm (December 2018). All in all, they’re expanding fairly quickly, particularly in recent months, so they seem to have found their rhythm.


As you can tell, this is a developer that’s just beginning, but their current 7 slot machines tell us what they can do, and how fun they’re going to be. There is a decent mix of stories for one, with the developer delivering games based on Sumo fighters, Samurai, 80s style science fiction, Halloween, Anime and farm animals. There isn’t a single leprechaun or Ancient Egypt title in sight, at least so far, and I’m glad that they chose to start with something a bit more unique.

For a developer that got its start online, and just recently, it’s no surprise that the graphics quality in their slot machines is very high. Even if you look at slots like Neo Spin or The Grid, which are not as interesting, the symbols are still well designed. On the other hand, Spooky 5000 is one of my favorite 3-reel slots in terms of design, and Samurai Ken or Super Sumo are a lot of fun.

One more point in the favor of this developer is the type of features it uses, having enough variety there as well. Sticky winning symbols, scatters, re-spins, free spins (unlimited ones, Battle style), wilds, expanding wilds and other options are included in their games, though not all at the same time.

Popular Titles

With the games from Fantasma being released on Quickfire, the Microgaming platform which is used by hundreds of online casinos, they will get quite a few eyes on them when they’re released. They’re not alone to get the attention, but it gives them a shot at being played, even though it’s still a small developer that offers them. Samurai Ken seems to be getting most of the attention so far, followed by the ultra-high RTP slot that is Spooky 5000, and then by Super Sumo.

Highest RTP Games

Out of the few games that we’ve seen Fantasma release so far, only one is at a lower RTP, of just 95.18%, and that’s Super Sumo. The others that have been released and which look a lot better include the impressive Spooky 5000 (98.03% RTP!), along with Neo Spin (96.70%), The Grid (96.67%) and Samurai Ken (96.35%). The games that I’ve mentioned are actually all the slots they’ve released so far, with a couple of others ready to be launched in the upcoming months. So far, so good, and I hope that this trend of high RTP slots continues, as it will make Fantasma Games a very good option in the future.

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