Fazi is a company that’s been founded in 1991, and which has adapted to the times over the years, doing all sorts of jobs in order to survive. It’s based in Serbia, and they’ve become known for the quality of their land-based roulette machines, while lately they’ve started creating their own online casino games as well, and so clients are getting to know them directly. They still have plenty of room to grow in the online gaming niche, but they’re fairly well known in land-based locations.

In addition to their gambling related development activities, the company also relies heavily on IT outsourcing as a source of income, allowing them to keep expanding their other side of the business as well. They offer their clients access to great software developers, to a management system, as well as legal protection and full transparency. For the future, their plans are to focus more on mobile device compatible applications.

The developer is currently working with countries from all over the world, and this includes many from the Balkans region, along with North America, Western Europe and Asia.

History of Fazi

The start of Fazi was in 1991, in Novi, Serbia. The company was created with the purpose of offering production automation systems, and in the initial period they focused on reducing the amount of electric energy that was being consumed, while implementing processes of production.

In 1992 and 1993, the engineers working at Fazi created the company’s first LED displays, and they were then used for information boards and scoreboards for sports, among other things. They used these sports scoreboards and expanded in the majority of the Serbian sports halls over the next year or so.

Between 1995 and 1999, the company created its departments for software development and for outsourcing. They also designed a bingo system which was completely automated. In those few years, they managed to install over 100 bingo systems, in countries from the Balkans.

From 2000 to 2003, they continued to work with LED technology, designing street traffic lights, traffic management systems and software for the purpose.

The electronic roulette, which is their bread and butter right now, first entered production with them in 2005. The system was called Byron, and in a couple of years there were 700 machines placed in countries from its region. They also created a Casino Management System, which was also present in 500+ locations in the following years.

Their next version of the electronic roulette came in 2009, when they launched the Triple Crown version. They presented it in 2010, in London, and they started marketing globally after that, not just to the neighboring countries. They also upgraded their Casino Management System.

The third version of their electronic roulette, Key One, was launched next and once again showed off in London. That year they also released their first video slot for the land market.

2015 was another major year for them, as they released a fourth type of electronic roulette, called Optimum. They also launched their first online gaming platform, software which could be used to power casinos. Their slot machine development started as well, at that point.


Fazi might be considered the world leading manufacturer when it comes to electronic roulette, but that’s not all they do. Game wise, the online market has seen over 20 slot machines released by the company in recent years, and they’re slowly growing their collection.

If you look at the themes that were selected for their slot machines, you’re not going to see much that is new there. You have fantasy, classics, monsters, pirates or pyramids, to mention some of their slot themes. The one game that felt unique was Postman though, and it’s just what it sounds like, a game about a postman delivering mail.

Fazi doesn’t seem to have a lot of imagination when it comes to naming their slots either, so you get titles like Book of Spells, Deep Jungle, Forest Fruits or Pirates, descriptive and without any extras to make them unique.

Things get more interesting as you manage to start playing their games, and you see the quality of the design, which is pretty good on average. I enjoyed my time playing slots like Book of Bruno, Monsters, Pirates or Postman, with the high-paying symbols being the ones that get most of the attention. The background image is often getting some love as well, and it adds to the atmosphere.

As for the features involved, they’re varied and every game has something different in store for you. Wilds, both regular and expanding, with or without multipliers, along with scatters, free spins and other features, will be found in these games.

Popular Titles

The games that I enjoyed most, and which I’d recommend, include Book of Bruno, Pirates, Monsters, Viking Gold and Postman, but depending on the themes that you prefer, you might find other cool ones as well.

Highest RTP Games

Unfortunately, there is no information out there about the RTP of the Fazi slot machines. If you’re set on trying their games out, you will have to find out for yourself how they work for you.