Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming is a relatively new developer, one which was started by three Bulgarians, though apparently they’re based in UK. The three founders of the company already had experience in the land-based slot machine industry, so they weren’t completely new to gambling.

The few slot machines which Felix Gaming has released so far, are offered at about a dozen casinos, though they also signed a deal in 2017, to launch them exclusively to SlotsMillion, so there is no other casino where you can play them when they’re fresh out. I’d assume that this is only for the first couple of months, as I can already see their games at other casinos.

History of Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming started out in 2016 by the looks of it, and the three founders are from Bulgaria, if we go by the information provided on their site. This is a UK company, which has offered slot machines from the beginning and which plans to focus on this side of the gaming market. They’ve signed deals with over a dozen casinos right now, out of which the one with SlotsMillion stands out. It was announced in late February 2017, that SlotsMillion would have exclusivity to the slot machines which Felix Gaming will release. Their content is available at 13 casinos right now, so I assume the exclusivity doesn’t last for very long.


You will find only 8 slot machines in the collection offered by Felix Gaming. The developer is giving us a good mix of stories through their slots, relying on car racing in one game, on alien invasions in another, and then on fantasy dragons, Ancient Egypt, leprechauns and even classic fruits. In time, as the developer keeps growing, I’d expect to find more unique releases from them as well.

The graphics are definitely one of the things that you should be paying attention, and I’m sure you will, as soon as the games load. I’ve found high quality symbols on the reels of their games, and that’s always a plus for any slot. You have the standard Royals as well, but that can’t be helped these days, and they’re slightly better designed than the regular ones from other developers.

The gameplay is not that different in their games, compared with the work of other companies. Most of their slots have 10 or 20 lines on 5 reels, though I’ve seen one with ways to win as well. The mix of features is the expected one, giving the player re-spins, free spins, wilds, scatters and other options which are standard for modern games. Luckily, they don’t re-use the same ones over and over again, so there is variety here.

The payout is going to vary, but generally it looks good in terms of potential. What is less clear is what the RTP looks like, as I haven’t found any data on it.

Popular Titles

I’ve found quite a few cool games in the Felix Gaming collection, but I do have a couple of favorites, and players seem to like them as well. Planet Rocks has been fun to play, despite the presence of all those gems on the reels, along with other slots like Monaco Fever, Dark Mystic and Lines of Magic. Even though they have such a small number of games, most of them are present on the front pages of several casinos, and so they’re being heavily promoted.

Highest RTP Games

Felix Gaming doesn’t seem to offer any information on the RTP of their games, and there isn’t anything on the topic online either. Unfortunately, those that want to play only games with high returns have no way of knowing what these slots will offer back on average.