So you are looking for some entertainment? You have made the right choice considering the casino. The casino games might not always pay out in terms of money, but they will pay out enough entertainment and excitement for it to be worth your time and investment, so do not feel hesitant to go with your gut.

Look around the casino, and if you can, try playing all the casino games available, as they all have their different touch, excitement, and payouts.


Slot machines are the king of the casino in most of the world including North America and certain parts of Europe. In the United States and Australia, slots row generates as much as 70% of the revenues of a casino. That’s because the house edge often sits between 5% and 7% (or higher), while the game is played with a mathematical quality. You click “Spin” and the reels provide results, which are produced by a random number generator. No strategy exists to lower the house edge.

Readers might wonder why slots are so popular. First, many gamblers don’t want to deal with complicated strategies. Second, they might be solitary gamblers who do not want to chat with other players while their games play out. Third, slot machines have the biggest payouts in the casino. The progressive jackpots often reach into the millions of dollars, providing a life-changing prize in rare instances. Finally, slot machines are flashy, have good music, and funny sound bites. These games offer entertainment, even when you lose.

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Blackjack is a game for the cerebral gambler. For those willing to learn basic strategy, blackjack offers some of the lowest house edges in the casino business. I use the plural “house edges”, because there are many variants of blackjack: classic 21, pontoon, Spanish 21 (Australian pontoon), switch, double exposure, and super fun 21. Many more exist, too, but those names show up a lot in the online gambling industry. Many different rules exist within a variant, such as the deck size, surrender, insurance, dealer peak, and the payouts on various hands. Each of these variations changes the house edge.

Classic blackjack has a house edge of 99.50%, if you play optimally. Optimally is an important distinction, because gamblers who don’t learn basic strategy are going to face a larger house edge. Card counting allows for players to gamble at a positive expectation. While keeping count during card counting isn’t hard, all the rigmarole which goes along with counting cards is exceedingly difficult. In effect, you need the concentration to keep count while you vary bets wildly, all the while acting like you are a high roller who isn’t paying a great deal of attention to the game. While card counting is not legal, casinos can refuse service and they train staff to spot card counters.

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Roulette is another popular table game. The spinning wheel is one of the rare things on this Earth which can be exciting and relaxing at the same time. That’s why old gamblers enjoy the game, because it plays at a slightly slower pace. Beginning players like roulette for the same reason. At the same time, high rollers sometimes enjoy the game, too, because they have chances to win big amounts with a single bet.

Roulette has several variations which make a big difference in the house edge. European roulette has a baseline house edge of 2.70%, with a 1.35% house edge when using la partage or en prison rules. Notice that European roulette (also called single-zero roulette) has the same house edge as the lowest craps odds, meaning they are comparable. Also, notice that American roulette, which has a second zero slot (“00”), has a much-inflated house edge of 5.26%. That gets in the range of slot machine gaming, and I wouldn’t recommend playing roulette in Las Vegas, for that very reason.

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Video Poker

At first glance, video poker appears to be a close cousin of the slot machines. In truth, slots and video poker machines have little in common. Video poker has a strategy element and those who learn the strategies might face as low as house edge of 0.50%. In some instances when someone finds a full pay machine, the payout percentage exceeds 100%, providing a positive expectation game. That’s rare, but the point being, video poker offers a solid payout.

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Craps is a game with lots of bets and lots of action, but it is easy to learn. No real strategies exist for playing craps, though players need to learn the various bets and which ones of best. Luckily, those wagers with the lowest house edge are the basic ones. If you make the proper wager, the house edge can be as low as 1.35%. That represents a low house edge for a game with no strategy requirements. Add in the fun of shooting dice and you’ll see why craps is so popular.

Some writers say dice control can provide gamblers with a positive expectation at craps. This has never been proven, though serious gaming experts swear by the technique. In truth, dice control would take a significant amount of dexterity for a small advantage, even if it did exist. Casino do not seem to screen for dice control experts, which is a good indication they see little threat to their bottom line from the practice.

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Baccarat is the fancy game played by people in ties and suits in roped-off portions of the casino. At the same time, punto banco baccarat (played in America) is a pure game of chance. The advantage of this game is it offers the lowest house edge of any game which does not require strategy, which is why it is reserved for high rollers. Mini-baccarat exists for all the low-rollers and mid-stakes gamblers in a casino. While mini-baccarat has similar odds, the game is administered by a dealer, so the hands play out faster than the standard baccarat game.

In Asian casinos in cities like Macau and Singapore, baccarat is the king of the casino. Asian gamblers supposedly like games where they can chart flow or “chi”, and baccarat is the game they think best allows such intuition. That is why you often see gamblers standing to the side, studying the last few hands. Western gamblers are more likely to say there is no pattern to baccarat, which is why the game is not as popular in the West.


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