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People who have never played craps often assume the game is complex and difficult. The large number of bets, the throng of gamblers around the table, and the four dealers give the illusion of a complicated, highly-involved game. In truth, craps is one of the easiest casino games to play. Many of the bets should never be played, which makes the game a lot less daunting. When you finish reading this article, you'll know the sucker bets and which gamblers at the table have no clue what they are doing.

Of course, this article is about online free craps. The idea is to provide people with Internet resources which allow them to play for free, whether for entertainment or practice. Since many readers are likely to want to study, practice, and master the game, I also want to give a brief introduction to shooting dice, too.

How to Play Craps

Craps is played with two dice, which are rolled off the back wall of the craps table. When they come to a stop, you add up the total to determine results. The dice are handed around the table for various players to roll (or shoot), and that person is called the shooter. The shooter makes a come-out roll, while also making the basic bet in craps: the pass-line bet.

Pass Line Bet

The pass line bet says the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 instead of any other number. If a seven or eleven is rolled, the shooter wins. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, then he or she loses. If any other number is rolled, then a line is established and a second roll is needed. A 'don't pass line' bet is the opposite of the pass line bet: you bet that the shooter is going to lose. Every gambler around the table can play either wager, along with a whole host of others.

Come Bet

The come bet is made when a point is established. At this point, the shooter and everyone who made the pass line bet are hoping to roll the point before a 7 is rolled. The 7 is the most likely combination in craps, which provides the house edge. So if you rolled a '6' on the come-out roll, then you would need a six before a '7' is rolled again.

The come bet works the same as the pass line bet, except it is made after the come out roll is finished. Otherwise, the two work the exact same way. Just the same, the 'don't come' bet works the same as the 'don't pass' bet. The only difference is when they are made.

House Edge in Craps

The house edge on the pass line and come bet is 1.41%. The house edge on the 'don't pass' and 'don't come' bet is 1.35%. These represents the best odds you'll receive in the game. If you want to make smart wagers, then these are the only ones you'll ever need to know (besides 'taking the odds', which is detailed below).

Players might wonder why they should ever do anything but wager on the 'don't pass' or 'don't come' bets, except when they're the shooter. The only reason is social, because it's considered a bit unfriendly to wager against the shooter. It is within the etiquette of the game to do so, but it is considered rude to celebrate if you win the 'don't pass' or 'don't come' roll. Everyone else at the table just lost.

Taking the Odds

Once a point is set in craps, players are allowed to take odds on their initial bet. This is a bet with a 0% house edge, meaning it lowers the overall house edge on your initial wager. You should always max out the odds wager, if possible. You'll notice on your table an algebraic figure which reads something like '2x', '3x', '5x', '10x', or '100x'.

This tells what the max odds are. If you make a $10 wager and the figure says 5x, then the max odds bet you can make is $50. This might be steep for some, but the idea is to bet as much as is wise, because it lowers the effective house edge in craps.

House Edge on Other Bets

The house edge on other bets range all over the place, from the decent to the sucker bet. A field bet can be anywhere from 2.78% to 5.56%, depending on the payout.

The hard 6 and hard 8 have a house edge of 9.09%. The hard 4 and hard 10 have a house edge of 11.11%. The place 4 and place 10 have a 6.67% house edge. The place 5 and place 9 have a 4% house edge, while the place 6 and place 8 each have a 1.52% house edge. The lay bets range from 2.44% to 4.00%.

Then you have the sucker bets, such as the yo-bet (11.11%), 3-bet (11.11%), hi-low (11.11%), craps (11.11%), and the combined bet (11.11%). The worst sucker bets are the 2-bet (13.89%), 12-bet (13.89%), and the 'any 7' bet (16.67%). If you see someone placing a wager on the 'any 7', you know they have no clue what they're doing. That's one of the worst wagers you'll find in any casino, short of keno.

Craps Strategies

Craps does not have a strategy aspect the way blackjack, poker, or video poker does. Like slot machines or roulette, it has no strategy--unless you believe in dice control. For most gamblers, craps is a pure game of chance. Thus, the real strategy is learning which bets are good and which are awful, then wagering only on the solid bets.

Craps is so popular, because it's a fast-paced, social game which encourages camaraderie, since everyone is betting alongside one another. The game has wild swings in fortune, so it is considered an exciting game with plenty of action. It is easy to play, though.

If you want to practice and have an Android device, download a free craps app at Google Play. If you use an iPhone or iPad, then you can download craps apps at the iTunes Store.

Those with traditional desktop computers or laptop notebooks should try Facebook or Zynga. Also, note that online casinos offer a free-play version of their software for people who have a registered account and have downloaded the casino software.

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