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Free Slots For Fun

Changes in technology have changed the way slot machines are played. Once a simple game where you input money, spun the reels, and looked at the results to see if three symbols lined up in the center, a slot machine now has countless options—multiple paylines, five reels, bonus games, and progressive jackpots. Slot machines ain’t what they used to be.

So if you haven’t played slot machines for a long time, or if you’re new to the world of slots altogether, how do you know which games to play? And how do you know how those games work? We’ve created this site to provide you with answers to commonly asked slot machine questions, articles relating to strategies and tips in addition to whether slot systems actually work and last but not least, free games you can play on our site.

Below you will find a variety of slot games you can play for free. None of the games on this site require you to download or register. Simply click and spin. As you can see below, we have free Bally slots, IGT slots, Aristocrat and so on. Enjoy and have fun!

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Playing Free Slots Online

A search for the phrase “free slots” returns 137 million pages in Google. The same search in Bing returns over 50 million pages. When you see that amount of supply, it’s not a huge intuitive leap to think that the demand for that kind of product is huge—enough to warrant millions of pages.

Of course, when someone mentions free slots, they’ talking about “free slot machines”. Yeah, you’ll see other examples of the word “slots” appearing here and there in the results. For example, people who race slot cars call them “slots”, too.

But this page focuses on the gambling game that’s become so amazingly popular over the last few decades. My plan is to share the different options a freebie hunter might consider when looking through those millions of pages on the Internet.

Sweepstakes Style Contests and Free Slots with Prizes

The rarest but probably most fulfilling kind of free slot machine to play is the one that offers you a prize opportunity. Usually sites with these kinds of games require that you share your email address in order to play these games. Depending on the integrity of the site owner, the prizes might or might not actually be awarded to real people.

On the other hand, if the only type of slot machine action that you can afford is the free kind, then this is probably as good an option as any—assuming you like the game. You never get something for nothing, though. Sites that require your email address intend to send you marketing messages—you can count on that.

Even if these “free slot machines with free prizes” sites don’t require an email address, they’ll almost certainly be running advertising alongside their free games. If you have an ad-blocker, you’ll probably be inoculated from such things, but a disciplined player could just ignore the banner ads, too.

It’s hard to blame someone who spends money, time, and effort to create a site of this sort for running advertising. After all, everyone wants to get paid for the work they do. Why shouldn’t the owners of sites offering free slot machine games that also include sweepstakes style contests?

I don’t recommend any specific sites of this nature. They all off the same project, more-or-less, and that product consists (usually) of a game that costs nothing to play. It also almost never requires a download—most people just play this kind of game from their browser.

Slot Machine Emulators/Simulators

You can buy slot machine emulators or simulators for next to nothing on Amazon. You can expect to pay between $4 and $10 for such software on Amazon, but you might be able to find it even cheaper on eBay or Craigslist. That’s not exactly free, but you don’t have to put money into the machine every time you want to spin the reels, either.

real Las Vegas casinos. For example, if you love Wheel of Fortune slots (and let’s face it—who doesn’t?), you can sometimes find licensed versions of that game in some of these emulator/simulator software packages.

Just remember that with this option you can never switch to “real money play”, and you can never win any prizes. It’s a purely sensory experience for people who love slots but don’t have much money.

Real Money Online Casinos and the “Try It Before You Buy It” Model

Real money online casinos invariably offer their software packages to customers in a free version so that they can “try it before they buy it”. The software available via these online casinos is nothing short of sensational. The only catch is that they’re going to encourage you to play for real money.

This isn’t a bad thing. Some might argue that playing slot machines without the opportunity to win real money is an exercise in boredom. Others might just get an endorphin rush of some kind from the sights and sounds on the screen.

I’m the kind of person who wants the opportunity—even the small opportunity—of walking away from my gambling session a winner.

The problem with being that kind of person is that you also have to risk walking away from each gambling session a loser.

Owning Your Own Slot Machine

Buying an actual slot machine of your own would allow you to play for free, but as with the emulator/simulator software that I mentioned earlier, you are out an upfront cost. You also have no opportunity to win any actual money. (Presumably, since you own the machine, you’re the one adding money to the hopper.)

Slot machine ownership is illegal in many jurisdictions, but if you’re interested in starting such a collection for the purposes of playing for free, you might look into it. You can buy antique slot machines that still work for as little as $1000 or so.

That might sound like a lot of money, but you’d be surprised at how quickly you can run through $1000 in a Las Vegas casino sitting in front of a one-armed bandit.


The demand for free slot machines has never been higher. But the supply has never been higher, either. Players have a bewildering array of options for free slot machine play, including sites offering free prizes, online casinos hoping to lure real money players, software sellers, and antique slot machine restorers. Which option is best for you?

That’s a question only you can answer.