Fuga Gaming

Fuga Gaming Technologies, which is the full name of this company, is one of the veterans of the gambling industry. This is a UK company, with headquarters in London. They’ve been present in the land-based market for two decades now, and in recent years they’ve expanded to the online market as well. Thanks to a partnership with Odobo, they started creating slot machines for the mobile and online platforms, in 2014. They’ve released close to 30 games so far, and they’re planning on a lot more for the future. As for the land-based market, there are about 70 different games under their name there, so they have a much better presence in that space.

The company is not a one trick pony, having worked on jackpot systems, multiplayer table games, SDKs, gaming platforms, peripheral drivers and communication protocols, in addition to the slots we’ve already mentioned.

Fuga is also known as an exclusive distributor for products created by UMA Entertainment, a company that’s mostly known in Italy.

One of the things that makes Fuga Gaming a trustworthy source of games for the online market is the fact that they’re using multiple auditing labs, to test their content. AAMS, GLI, BMM and others are used to insure that the games are fair to players.

Over the course of the last couple of years, they’ve announced partnerships with several major casinos, and so they might be relatively small, but their content should be easy to find if you want to try it out.

History of Fuga Gaming

While the history of Fuga Gaming goes back to over 20 years ago, when they started their work for the land-based casino industry, the online side of their business only dates back to 2014. They released over 70 land-based games since they got their start, but for the online market they have only around 30 titles designed.

The first we’ve heard about their intent to enter the online market was in 2014, when they announced a partnership with Obodo. Not only would their games be part of the Obodo platform, along with those from UMA Entertainment, but the software provided by this company would be used to create the online slot machines by Fuga Gaming. The Obodo tools are used to deploy slot machines at a much higher speed compared with typical methods.

In 2015, Fuga Gaming was already releasing their own slot machines, titles like Bat Family, and they were also present at multiple exhibitions related to the gaming industry. They continued to do this in 2016 as well, while also signing a new partnership with Relax Gamins. 2017 had them releasing a lot more slot machines for the online market, one per month on average for the first six months of that year. Multiple partnerships with major casinos have also been signed in 2017.


I’ve found a very good mix of games being offered by Fuga Gaming, most of them slot machines. There is also a card game available from them, called Joker Poker, and I’d assume there will be more table games in the future. For now though, it’s the slot machines that dominate their game collection.

The slot machines I’ve tried out from them are quite fun. Whether they’re about restaurants where clients are being served money (A La Carte), about medieval warriors (Normans), pretty women (Kiss of Luck) or girls having fun (Night Club), there are a lot of games which are enjoyable story wise. There are some which are more common as well, but luckily they’re not the only ones you get.

There is more here, than just pretty graphics, and so you get a good mix of features to trigger along the way. Each game is customized and offers a different experience, so you don’t get the same features over and over again.

Popular Titles

Currently, the games which seem most popular from Fuga Gaming are 3 Elements, WitchCraft and Kiss of Luck. Ocean’s Secret and Fruit-O-Matic are close behind. They still have some work to do though, in order to get their games in front of more eyes, and to make them truly popular.

Highest RTP Games

I’ve noticed some games with huge RTP potential, while plenty of others are above average, meaning that they have at least 96%. Night Club has it at 98% though, same as A La Carte, Red Temple, Ocean’s Secret or Ice & Flame. There is definitely a good mix of slot machines with high RTP here, so their games are worth exploring.