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Quick Hit Platinum is the sequel, of a slots game from Bally called Quick Hit slots
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Bally's Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, Caesars (Atlantic City, Windsor), Flamingo Las Vegas, Gran Biloxi, Harrah's (Cherokee, Chester, Council Bluffs, Joliet, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Louisiana Downs, Metropolis, New Orleans, North Kans
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Review of Bally's Quick Hit Platinum Slots Machine

Quick Hit Platinum is the sequel, or the next generation, of a slots game from Bally Technologies called Quick Hit slots. The first game was so popular that the company decided to design and release an amped up version in order to maintain the momentum of the original’s popularity. Traditionalists will be especially pleased with this game, although it has plenty of modern features that are likely to please connoisseurs of modern video slots.

Quick Hit platinum is a 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine game. Players are able to bet as little as a penny per line per spin or as much as €15.00 per line per spin. The highest payout is 2500 credits, but this is multiplied by the amount the player has wagered on the spin. Quick Hit platinum, because of its flexibility, is ideal for low rollers and high rollers alike.

Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in this game are traditional slot machine images. We’re looking at cherries, bells, flaming sevens, and bars. Unlike many modern slot machines, the sound effects for this game actually sound like you’re playing a slot machine game. Themes have gotten so complicated and elaborate that the simplicity of traditional slots symbols and sounds is refreshing.

It’s not the symbols and sound effects that make Quick Hit Platinum so much fun to play though. Most of the excitement comes from the frequent payouts. This game has one of the higher hit frequencies I’ve experienced in any casino game, and that makes for an enjoyable session, even if the top jackpot isn’t as high as you might find with some other games.

The “Wild Jackpot” symbol is the best symbol to see in this game, followed by the multiple versions of the flaming sevens. Kudos to the designers for the graphics on these sevens.

Multiple bar symbols are available, and they’re next in the hierarchy of payouts for the game. Then its’ bells and cherries.  Again, these are incredibly vivid graphics. I felt like I could reach out with my finger and thump the bells to make them chime, and my mouth watered at the idea of nibbling on these delicious, ripe, red cherries.

The Free Bonus Games

The free bonus game scatter symbols add excitement to the game. When you get three of these symbols anywhere on the screen, you go to a bonus game where you choose from a grid of question marks. Behind each of the question marks is a number of free bonus spins. When you find three that match, you receive the corresponding number of spins.

The first time I played, I got 20 free bonus games, but one of the question marks had a wild + 5 spins symbol behind it, so I got a total of 25 free spins. The multiplier for my payouts on those spins was X3, so I won a significant amount of money: €1665.00, which tripled my bankroll immediately. What a rush.

The Story behind the Bells and Cherries

Slot machines have an illustrious history, and bells have been part of that history since the beginning. Charles Fey is the inventor who created the first slot machine in San Francisco at the turn of the century. The name of the game coincided with its theme—the Liberty Bell. Ever since, bells have been a common reel symbol on slot machines in the United States. Since that’s been the case now for over 100 years, it’s a tradition that’s unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Cherries, like the other fruit symbols you’ll often seen on slot machine reels, date back to the early 20th century. In many parts of the country, paying out cash prizes was explicitly illegal. Enterprising bar owners who wanted to keep the slot machines in their locations came up with an interesting twist—they used various flavors of fruit-flavored candy as prizes instead of coins. Cherry was one of the most popular.

The bar symbols have an interesting story, too. Fruit-flavored candy wasn’t the only prize available in these machines. You could also win chewing gum, and the bars represent sticks of gum.

The number seven has an even older history than that. Of course, its significance to the game of craps is obvious, and few games exemplify the gambling attitude better. Numerologists and other superstitious types will point to the large number of occurrences of seven in the world around us. There are seven days in the week, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven continents on the planet Earth.

It’s also commonly found throughout pop culture. Seven is the number used by a host of great athletes, from Mickey Mantle to John Elway to David Beckham. Simply put: seven is cool. James Bond wouldn’t be nearly as popular if his secret agent number were 008, would it? Don’t forget how many dwarfs there were in the Snow White movie, either.

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