Genii is a company that’s not that old, the founding date for it going back to 2013. That doesn’t mean that they should be considered a beginner at this, as its owners have worked in this industry for a lot longer, and they applied their experience into the games which they’ve launched so far.

The 5 years or so which passed since the company was founded was enough for them to release more than 50 slot machines, and to open offices in countries like UK, Vietnam or Malta. Their presence across the globe means that they can work to integrate their games into any site out there, as there are always developers of theirs working somewhere, even if others are sleeping.

While over 50 games are developed by them, they actually offer a total of 130 games to potential clients, as they also licensed and integrated a fair number of other titles. They have a full platform solution to implement for to the clients that want it, but they can also offer only the games, to integrate into an existing site.

The platform offered by Genii is created using cloud technology from Microsoft, infrastructure from Dell and storage from Fusion-io. The result is a platform which is distributed and highly scalable.

The gaming license they hold is one of the most reputable ones, issued by UK’s Gambling Commission. Player safety and fairness on the part of the developer is pretty much guaranteed.

The two main technologies which they rely on are called i3D and Spin16. The former allows them to offer 3D graphics and to show off some very unusual graphics in some of their slot machines. As for the latter, it’s going to allow players to control the way the reels spin, giving them full control over this aspect of the game.

History of Genii

The history of Genii is a relatively short one, as the company was founded in 2013. Since then, they’ve launched an average of more than 11 slot machines per year, while also signing several other deals with developers, to license their games.

Besides creating more slot machines than the average developer, they’ve also opened several offices (currently present in London, Malta and Vietnam) and they’ve built a platform which includes more than 130 games at the moment, from their own collection and that of their partners.


Currently, the number of slot machines released by Genii stands at 58, from what I could find. One of their big advantages is that they actually innovate in this field, they’re not just releasing the same features that everyone does. The 3D system which is visible in some of their games is one thing that makes them special, while another which is more common is called Spin16 and it allows the player to control the way the reels spin. The company has a big focus on slot machines, and as far as I can tell they have no other casino games released.

I’ve discovered several very interesting games that Genii has launched in time. The more recent ones include a game about cute Indian religion (7 Chakras), another about Vikings (Vikingdom), a murder mystery (Traces of Evidence) and one that’s inspired by Robin Hood (Robin of Sherwood).

The graphics are often excellent, as well as quite varied. They don’t look like they were made by the same couple of designers, and the style actually varies from one title to the next. There are some that I didn’t enjoy as much, such as Horn of Plenty, which has the classic fruits for its symbols, but even those look acceptable.

The features have been fairly interesting, and besides the usual wilds and free spins, I’ve also discovered multipliers or bonus games, both capable of vastly improving a game’s results.

Popular Titles

The Age of Spartans series seems to be particularly interesting, along with games like Small Soldiers, Lucky Leprechauns or Gems n Jewels. On the other hand, their 3D style game doesn’t appear to be as interesting to players.

Highest RTP Games

I couldn’t find the RTP for the majority of their slot machines, but I did get it for about half a dozen of their games. Three of these I can recommend, based on their Return, while the other three are at 91% to 94%, so I’d skip them. The ones that are better have the RTP at 97.67% (Dollars Down Under) or 96% (Horn of Plenty and Zodiac).

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