Habanero is a modern developer of slot machines, one of the few companies which activate in this field and which offer only impressive designs in every single game they release. The company is relatively new, established only in 2012, but there are over 90 games coming from them so far, and players love them. The technology they use is HTML5, making their slots easy to access on any platform which supports this technology, both desktops and mobiles being covered this way.

The company has expanded in several parts of the world, so they currently have offices in Europe (Sofia, Kiev), Africa (Johannesburg) and Asia (Manila).

Besides the games which are widely appreciated, Habanero also has a software platform of its own, but one which has not seen massive use yet. Several casinos do rely on it at this point, and those can be great places to check out if you want to experience all of Habanero’s content.

The software that they’re building has the games translated into several popular languages, so besides English you also get German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Russian and Portuguese for the European/Western market. The Asian market is not forgotten though, and so the slots can be played in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai or Indonesian. In total, they have 21 languages in which they make their games available, out of which 8 are Asian. They support all currencies.

History of Habanero

Habanero’s founding date goes back to 2012, and since then they have created their own software and more than 90 slot machines, in addition to other table games and video poker titles. The company has expanded to several major cities of the world, with offices and development hubs. They signed various partnerships and they are now in the offer of more than 80 casinos.


Habanero isn’t just a slot developer, though most of their titles come in that one category. Table games and video poker are also part of Habanero’s portfolio, though these are much harder to come by when you’re playing at regular casinos. As for the slot machine category, it’s heavily populated with 90+ titles released so far, and best of all the quality is among the best you will find anywhere.

The games that Habanero designs will stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best around, and if you look at NetEnt, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil or Play’n GO, you will find that they’re at the same very high level.

As is often the case these days, the stories which these slots are telling will be influenced either by Eastern or Western cultures and stories. You get cool steampunk style slots like London Hunter, a Mexican style 5 Mariachis, a magician themed Presto, but also Asian-inspired games such as Four Divine Beasts, Ways of Fortune or Panda Panda.

The big features of Habanero’s slots will sometimes include unique options, so in a slot like Presto you find synced reels, expanding wilds and illusions, but they usually get the standard wilds and free spins as well.

Popular Titles

Once they come out, Habanero slot machines tend to be tried out by a lot of players, because of their sheer quality of design and oftentimes their very high RTP. The ones which the casinos seem to push most are going to have a lower RTP, so dig deeper to find the ones which offer more. Among the older titles, which don’t look as modern as the recent releases, popular choices are slots like Mystic Fortune, All For One or Zeus 2.

The more modern and fun-looking games, which also tend to have higher RTP, include the likes of Fortune Dogs, Presto, Ways of Fortune and Egyptian Dreams Deluxe. These all seem to be popular at the moment.

Highest RTP Games

It’s not true for all their games, but the majority of the slot machines that I’ve seen Habanero release have an excellent RTP, and on average I think they’re a top choice in this industry as far as this one criteria is concerned. They have more slot machines announced with an RTP of 98% or higher than any other developer. Now, I don’t know if the casino can modify this figure as it’s the case with other developers, or if it’s fixed, but either way I think that it’s awesome that the option is there.

As for the slot machines which have this kind of RTP, there are too many of them to mention them all, but I will tell you about games like Fenghuang (98.21%), Jump (98.13%), Ways of Fortune (98.12%) and Jugglenaut (98.01%). I’ve counted about a dozen others which have this number set to 98%.