Grupo MGA is one of the oldest creators of gambling machines from Spain, being founded back in 1976. Obviously, much of their focus over the years has been on the land-based market. MGA creates electronic roulette, coin pushers and family recreation machines for that side of the business. They have started offering online slot machines in 2012, and they have released around 40 titles since then. Both bingo and slot machines have been launched for the online market, with a large part of their collection consisting of 3-reel titles.

There are two sides to the MGA business, revolving around gambling halls and family recreation centres. The former get the gambling related machines, with roulette, slots or video poker being present in them. The latter are designed to appeal to the entire family, and they include arcade games, sports themed machines where skill is required, as well as simulators or video games. They have a large presence all over Spain, and they’re fairly well known there. They even have three restaurants which are managed by MGA.

History of MGA

Grupo MGA is the full name of this developer, which was created back in 1976. It had decades to establish itself as a big brand in Spain, and that’s where most of their focus went. They created bingo halls, bowling alleys, adult gambling parks, and they provided them with games that they’ve created. Ranging from video poker, to video slots and electronic roulette, they spent decades building up that side of the business.

Following the expansion of the online sector, they decided they wanted a piece of this increasingly larger niche, and starting from 2012 they released their first online slot machines. They started with El Tesoro Pirata back then, and then very slowly they continued working on others. Only in 2016 did they start to be more serious about this effort to expand online, as that year they launched 12 slot machines. 16 more games were launched online in 2017, and then for the first 10 months of 2018 they announced 8 new video slots.


Currently, there are around 40 slot machines released by MGA, games of a fairly high quality on average. What’s unusual about them is that the majority of these slot machines are 3-reel classics, more than 80% of the games they’ve launched so far actually. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the graphics in their slot machines are some of the highest that I’ve seen in this category, but it’s unusual because the rest of the market is betting on 5-reel video slots.

The graphics in their games are often quite similar in the style used. You get the three reels on one of the two sides, the paytable on the right or the left, along with some extra feature information at the top of the game area. There is also some kind of character next to the reels, either a man or an attractive women. The latter is the one that’s usually picked to keep you company. As for the quality, it’s quite high, particularly by comparison with other 3-reel slots. I found most of their games quite enjoyable.

To be noted is that the list of featured offered in MGA’s slots is extensive, even if you look at the classics they’ve released so far. You get wild symbols, free spins, vertical lines, nudges, bonus games and various others, and this is just for the 3-reel games.

I’m far less impressed with the payouts mentioned on the paytable. Usually, they’re going to offer top payouts of less than 1,000 coins per combo, though exceptions do exist.

Popular Titles

Three games of theirs which seem to be more popular are Cabaret, Champion and Lucky Dragon. Anyone looking to play some interesting 3-reel slots will find their collection to be one of the best available right now though.

Highest RTP Games

I’ve only found the RTP for a couple of their slot machines, and none were high enough for me to recommend them. El Cartel is announced with an RTP of 95%, while Monolo el del Bombo and La Fortuna del Lejano Oeste are at 94%.