MrSlotty LogoMrSlotty is a Latvia based developer of casino games, and of slot machines in particular, which was founded in 2013. Their HQ is in Vilnius, Latvia’s capital. They’ve launched so far more than 40 video slots, games which were crafted using HTML5 and at Full HD quality, while occupying as little space as possible.

They’re quite daring as well, and so they have some unique releases, such as Cleopatra 18+ or Hot Honey 22 VIP, among others. If you’re into quirky, adult-friendly slot machines which are created by Eastern Europeans with great humor, MrSlotty is the developer to check out.

The company has servers both in Asia and Europe, so speedy delivery is guaranteed. It helps that the average size for one of their Full HD slots is only 3.2 Mb. They have a seamless API for operators to use, they offer real-time stats to them and the games are cross-platform. They support all currencies, along with cryptocurrencies. The games they offer come with 7 different certifications for the RNG which is used, so they can pretty much guarantee that the results will be completely random.

History of MrSlotty

MrSlotty is a company which was established in 2013. They were created in Latvia, and their offices are in Vilnius. They’ve started out as slot machine developers, and that’s what they offer to this day. So far, in just 5 years, they’ve managed to launch more than 40 high-quality slot machines.

Their first couple of slot machines were released in 2014, and they were relatively boring themes at first, their titles being Classic 7 Fruits, Golden 7 Fruits and so on. Things got a lot more interesting with Hot Honey 22 and other slots which followed.


MrSlotty’s collection of HD-quality slot machines includes 47 titles as of late 2018. The developer has managed to create a lot of great games, all of them in HTML5, and so they’re also available on all types of smartphones, tablets and desktops.

I found their slot machines to be slightly quirky at times, with adult-only titles being included in their collection as well. You get themes which involve cryptocurrency (CryptoMatrix), attractive women in adult-only designs (Emoji, Hot Honey 22, Cleopatra 18+ and even Insects 18+). Mars Dinner, Monsterinos, Troll Faces or Trendy Skulls are other excellent slots, which aren’t quite standard for the industry if you look at their themes.

It’s not just the themes that will get your attention. The Full HD graphics help as well, especially since the symbols tend to be very well designed. Sometimes they’re realistic (Hot Honey 22 VIP), other times you’re looking at something cartoon-like and funny (Insects 18+), but either way the quality is there.

What I’m generally less impressed with is the RTP of the slots they’ve launched so far, but there are a couple of better ones as well (see RTP section at the end).

Popular Titles

For the games which have proven particularly popular at MrSlotty, a couple of them have adult only graphics or themes, while others are newly released. The mix is diverse enough, that everyone can find something interesting in their more popular games. Dolphins Gold, Wild Vegas, Emoji, Hot Honey 22, Fruit Cocktail and Monster Birds are a couple of their top titles.

Highest RTP Games

A bit of a downside with MrSlotty is that the majority of the games they’ve launched so far have the RTP set to 94%, which is considerably lower than we’d like to see. I know of only three games that do better, and those would be Agent X Mission (96%), Xmas Party (95.5%) and Wild Vegas (95.2%).

There is a lot of room for improvement in this area for MrSlotty, so even though I enjoy most of their games in other ways, the long-term potential is lower for them than from many other developers.