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Parlay Games LogoParlay is an older company, which has been powering online gaming sites since 1998. They have as a major focus the Bingo market, but they also offer a variety of casino, social and lottery games. Either through their own platform, or integrated into other software, their content is available to the operators that want it. More than 50 operators have taken them up on their offer, and a big number of these are Bingo halls which use the Parlay5 platform.

This is a Toronto based company, so it’s from Canada. They’re not quite as big as they could’ve been, since they’ve been around for over 20 years, but they’re well enough known in the industry and they are particularly important in the Bingo niche. Partnerships with some of the online market’s biggest casinos and developers are in place, so they have the likes of IGT, Virgin Games and UniBet on their side.

Parlay5: this is the Bingo platform offered by Parlay Games. It’s designed with international users in mind, and it offers multiple currencies and languages. As for the versions of Bingo offered on it, it has variants with 75, 80 or 90 balls, as well as the Swedish Bingo, mini games, side games and third party content. Their bingo platform can be deployed in several ways. One of them is through their own Alderney licensed managed service, called Parlay Game Services. It can be plugged into existing software, or it can be acquired together with the back-office solution called HouseEdge, coming from the same developer. Both existing sites and new operations can benefit from their offer this way.

HouseEdge: this is the Parlay system for back-office management, which can be integrated together with their Parlay5 bingo platform, to get a new site started. It incorporates elements related to games, reporting, chat management and promotions, among others.

History of Parlay Games

Parlay Games has been part of the online gambling industry since its beginnings, appearing in Canada during the late 90s, somewhere between 1996 and 1998 (I’ve seen mentions for 1996, 1997 and 1998 on different sites). Still a relatively small developer, Parlay Games has expanded over the years into several niches, and while they have their own collection of slot machines and other casino games, they’ve also worked even harder to get into the Bingo niche, as well as in lottery and social gaming.

After more than 20 years, they are part of the offer at more than 50 gaming sites, mostly Bingo related ones. They also have more than 100 games developed in the Slots category.


Parlay Games has a fairly large collection of slot machines on offer, but the thing to keep in mind here is that they’re designed over the years, and plenty of them end up with dated graphics as a result. Even so, you will discover some excellent games with high RTP, progressive jackpots and interesting stories to tell. Both 3-reel and 5-reel games are part of the collection.

The games with the more unusual stories to tell include Transylmania, Twisted Fairytales, Pompeii, Eastern Promises and Club Spin.

These games will often have progressive jackpots, a very high RTP as long as you’re playing with all lines active, and so I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to its rewards. Even its features look adequate, using wilds, multipliers or bonus games to keep things interesting.

Popular Titles

I’ve noticed quite a few interesting releases from Parlay Games, even among those with slightly outdated graphics. Games like Slot Monsters, Abandoned Park, Hollywood Reels and High Noon Saloon should be more popular. Some will be interesting because of their themes and designs, others thanks to a high RTP.

Highest RTP Games

The paytable section for some of the slot machines available from Parlay Games will indicate the RTP, while others have no mention. It appears that only the ones with RTP higher than 98% will mention this figure, which makes me wonder how well do the others pay. Among those which mention such high RTP you will find Hollywood Reels, Slot Monsters and Abandoned Park. There is one going even higher, Fruit Loot mentioning this figure at 98.9%.

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