PlayPearls LogoPlayPearls is a company which is based in Malta, a developer of content for the casino industry since 2012. They have a decent-sized collection of casino games, with 50 titles at the last count, but they also have offers related to live games, social gaming, lottery products, jackpots and white label solutions.

They claim that their focus is on preserving the prestige of the old casinos, but at the same time they want to expand using social gaming and investing in the future, so they seem to want the best of both worlds. Customer satisfaction is a major target for them, and by this they mean the casino industry, because they mention that they want to bring them as high of a return on their investment as possible. We’ll see in the RTP section how that translates into payouts for players.

The company commits to integrity and insures that they meet the toughest gaming regulations around. The RNG is certified by several reputed organizations, one being called Nmi Gaming Limited, while the other is Quinel. Their claim to meet the toughest regulations around don’t ring as true when it comes to the company’s main gaming license, which originates from Curacao, a somewhat relaxed jurisdiction which doesn’t offer players the same level of protection as those based in the EU tend to.

History of PlayPearls

PlayPearls was founded in Malta, back in 2012. They’ve done a good job expanding their offer and these days they have white label solutions, their own software and about 50 different high-quality games to offer. They’ve also obtained certifications from several labs, the latest one coming from Quinel in 2018. In addition to regular games, they’ve also started offering Live Casino solutions, which include Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, with tables being streamed from actual land-based casinos.


With around 50 slot machines released, PlayPearls already has a decent sized collection of games to offer players. I’ve found their slot machines to be quite interesting on average, with both regular and exciting themes in use. The latter would include for me slots like 28 Spins Later, Big Game Hunter, Chubby Princess, Mafia Story and Soldiers Fortune, among others with unique stories to tell.

Whether you’re looking at sexy schoolgirls (Wild School), an army of zombies (28 Spins Later), a futuristic civilization comprised of dinosaurs (Star Trex) or Stone Age characters (Uga Age), you’re going to notice the excellent quality of the designs being used. I also liked that they’re quite varied in style, so you might get cartoons in one slot, 3D graphics in another, and comic book style drawings for the third. I wouldn’t be able to point out a PlayPearls released based on graphics style alone, and that’s a good thing.

If features are more of your thing, then I’d expect you to be pretty happy with what their slots are offering. I’ve seen many of them mix in not only wilds and free spins, but also bonus games, so you typically get about three different extras. What I haven’t seen is the same level of innovation in features, as I found in graphics and themes.

Another aspect of their games which I found slightly disappointing is the type of top payout that they advertise. Wins of a couple of hundred coins are typically available, so the potential is not very high.

Popular Titles

Two of the games which appear to be particularly interesting from their collection, at least for the casinos which are promoting them, are Tiki Beach and Fruit Basket. I’m pretty sure the quirky ones are getting plenty of attention as well, such as Star Trex, and that the sexy Wild School is also getting lots of eyeballs and spins.

Highest RTP Games

The PlayPearls commitment to bring their customers as high of a profit as possible translates into games with relatively low RTP, at least based on the few that we’ve seen numbers for. Star Trex is one of them, with a 95.47% RTP, and the racy Wild School slot is the other, with 95.32%.