Stake Logic

Stake Logic is one of the companies which are part of Novomatic, and it’s also one of the newcomers to the online gambling industry, thanks to its founding date of 2015. The company is based in Netherlands, with offices in Malta as well. While they don’t have a huge collection of slot machines just yet, the 50+ titles they’ve launched so far are impressive, when you consider that they’ve been around for only a couple of years.

They use HTML5 for all their games, and they’re also all designed to be used on mobile devices. Innovative technologies which they’ve incorporated over the years include Slots 360, one of the differences that they pride themselves with.

The aim with Stake Logic’s creation by Novomatic and Green Tube (their subsidiary), was to have a place where they could create highly advanced content for the market, using 3D graphics and HTML5 technology.

MOBi is the name of their mobile platform, on which they make all their slot machines accessible. The HTML5 technology which they use allow their games to all be accessible on this platform.

The content is offered in instant play mode, is translated in 20+ languages and the system includes a powerful back office, reports with many details and support 24/7.

History of StakeLogic

The history of Stake Logic doesn’t go back all that much. The company has been founded in 2015, by Green Tube and Novomatic. They’re all in the Novomatic Group, and they release slot machines for the casinos which use their content. In just three years since their launch, they released over 50 slot machines, so it’s visible that they have good backing and the resources they need to work hard on development.


Developers of modern slot machines, Stake Logic currently has 56 slot machines released, and they keep announcing new ones pretty much on a monthly basis. They design highly advanced titles, while one of its parent companies, Green Tube, has more average looking content compared with them.

The stories that these slots are telling are often enough interesting ones. You might have a laugh at a slot like Bank or Prank, you can enjoy the graphics in Clash of Gods, or you can play Darts Heroes if you like the actual game as well. Some of their slot machines are going to be fairly boring theme wise, with titles like Double Gem or Joker Fortune being the type that don’t have great stories. However, you also get slots like Football Gladiators, Hardwell, Dr Magoo’s Adventure or Monkeys of the Universe, and you will find something unique in them.

Branded content is also available, Hardwell being one of the titles which are available. It’s inspired by a famous DJ, and so this is a music themed release.

Part of the modern approach that Stake Logic is taking is that it’s going to offer modern features to players. There are reel upgrades, bonus symbols, big win multipliers, combinations forming both ways, wilds (regular and expanding), Super Spins, and so on.

Popular Titles

Currently, some of the highly popular games which Stake Logic has created include the likes of Hardwell, Devils, Fruits Gone Wild and Bank or Prank. If I were to name a couple of my favorites, then I would mention titles like Samurai’s Fortune, Valkyries of Odin and Mariachi.

Highest RTP Games

The RTP in the slot machines I’ve seen Stake Logic release are generally at 95% or higher. Several of those titles go past the 96% mark, and I would especially recommend you gave those a try. Among those slots, expect to find names like Double Gem, Book of Adventure, Valkyries of Odin and Hardwell. I have seen only one game going much higher than that, Spartania being announced with an RTP of 97.22%.