Egyptian Themed Slots

Egyptian themes are a staple of the slot machine industry. It's a natural choice, because Ancient Egypt retains a certain mystery and allure to this day. The oldest pyramids were built 5,000 years ago, yet remain standing to this day. Egypt was at the center of world culture for 3,000 years, at which time it had 31 distinct dynasties. Even Ancient Greece and Rome were fascinated by the exotic nature of Egypt, with its strange hieroglyphic writing and notable beauties, such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

Despite its cultural impact, it is Ancient Egypt's connection to gold that inspires game designers. Located near the intersection of three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe), Egypt sat at the center of world trade in the earliest days of human civilization. Sitting astride the Nile River which ran far south into the African continent, the Egyptians pharaohs were the conduit for much of the gold trade out of East Africa. Thus, pharaohs became synonymous with wealth and grandeur.

Several of the most popular games in land-based casinos have been Egyptian-themed slots. These days, the companies which marketed those games in brick-and-mortar casinos are now producing online casino versions of those classic titles. Here are a few of the Egyptian slots everyone must play once.

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Aristocrat's Most Popular Egyptian Themed Slot

When Aristocrat Leisure chose to convert its classic pokies into online games, Queen of the Nile was the first game chosen. In Australia, Queen of the Nile is found in virtually every poker machine club and pub. The pyramid is the scatter symbol, while the free spin bonus is considered one of the chief reasons for its popularity.

The bonus game on Queen of the Nile Slots has a 25-spin max, along with multipliers which range as high as 10x the bonus. Players who choose more spins get a lower multiplier, while players who choose a higher multiplier receive a lower spin count. Once again, having the option on the free spin game is a favorite feature.

Playtech has an online game named Queen of the Pyramids, which can be a bit confusing for online gamblers. This is meant to trade on the popularity of Aristocrat's game.

A Favourite From IGT - Cleopatra and Cleopatra II

IGT's answer to Queen of the Nile is Cleopatra Slots. These days, Cleopatra II is the most popular version of this game. Cleopatra is the most famous of all Egyptian royals, because of her affairs with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, two of Rome's greatest generals of the Roman Republic era. By the time she reigned, Rome was powerful and Egypt's power was waning. It was said Cleopatra wanted to impress Julius Caesar, so she had herself smuggled into his presence in a rolled-up carpet. Once before him, she had the carpet unrolled and “Voila”, she appeared before him. Caesar was doubtlessly impressed, because they began an affair which grew infamous throughout the Republic.

The reason Cleopatra II is so popular is its big fixed jackpot. If you win the top jackpot on the game, you collect 10,000x the original bet. Players should watch out for the newer versions of Cleopatra II, because two versions exist. The "refreshed" version has a much lower expected return than the 95.01% on the first version.

More Cleopatra Slots

This game has a lot of imitators. Slots from other companies with similar names include Cleo: Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra's Coins, Cleopatra's Pyramid, Cleopatra's Gold (RTG), and Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold (RTG). The last of those game, Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold, is a popular online game from RealTime Gaming, which is best known for a progressive jackpot.

More Egyptian Slots

Those are by no means the only games with an Egyptian theme. Microgaming, NetEnt, and any other slot machine designer of note is going to have their version.

Most trade upon the famous kings of Egypt--the Pharaohs--but others invoke the Egyptian pantheon, who lived in Duat. You'll find Isis Slots and Treasure of Isis Slots, just as you'll find Secrets of Horus. Games about the pharaohs include King Tut's Treasure, Ramesses Riches, Boy King's Treasure, and The Last King of Egypt. Less distinct slots along the same theme include Pharaoh's Fortune, Pharaoh's Secrets, and Pharaoh's Tomb.

In fact, anything evocative of Ancient Eygpt is fair game for a slots designer. Fantastical creatures linked to Eygpt can be turned into games, such as Sphinx Hijinx and Silver Scarab. The pyramids are sometimes invoked, such as Pyramid Plunder, Pyramid's Treasure, Platinum Pyramid, and even Labyrinth of Egypt. Even topographical features of Egypt have been used for Egyptian themed slots, such as Desert Dreams, Desert Treasure, Sand Storm, and Treasure Nile.