WMG is an Italian developer which is based in Rome, and they’ve been around since 2009. The company has a big focus on the local market, and they provide operators with Virtual Lottery Terminals, with games designed for them, while also developing the online side of their business and developing slot machines for that side.

The company is apparently the only one from Italy to have undergone testing through the SOGEI labs, and they got their certification for the local market as a result. They have their ISO certification as well. In addition to the systems developed for land-based operators, they also have an online platform, with several games released for it. They’ve tried their hand at developing apps for mobile devices as well, and they have multiple slots that were created for the Android Play Store and the Apple Store.

For the land-based market, they currently produce four different Virtual Lottery Terminals, with cabinets from the iLeo, Galileo, G-Platinum and Newton series. For them, they have slot machines, card games and roulette games.

WMGear: this is the online platform that the company developed for use by online operators. It’s a Remote Gaming Server, through which games can be published for the Italian market and beyond. It’s a platform which was created using Java, HTML5 and MariaDB technologies. The games offered on it are accessible to players using both desktop PCs and mobile platforms, such as smartphones or tablets. WMG has created a total of 11 slot machines of their own so far, to be used on this online platform.

History of WMG

The creation of WMG happened back in 2009, the founders being two other companies which were trying to get into the VLT (Virtual Lottery Terminal) niche. One of the two founding companies was CMS Gaming, while the other was called MAG Elettronica (founded in 1994).

Over the years, WMG has expanded considerably in their chosen market, currently offering four different types of Virtual Lottery Terminals, as well as various casino games for use on them. They’ve tried other gaming niches as well, so on one hand they have dedicated smartphone apps with their games both for Android and iPhone, while on the other they create a platform for use by casino operators, complete with several interesting slot machines of their own.

The beginnings of their online strategy is fairly recent, 2016 being the year when they started working for this particular side of the market. They’ve brought some of their successful land-based titles to the online, which would explain their somewhat cartoonish design.


For the online market, which is the one that interests us, there are currently 11 games available, all slot machines. You will discover games which borrow from the look and feel of their land-based counterparts, being ports of successful slots available at regular casinos.

The themes of these games are generally regular ones, so nothing too outlandish. There are three of them which are part of a series, based on farm birds. Fowl 4 Play, Fowl Play Gold and Fowl Play London are in it, and this is the most successful series of theirs. Other slots involve titles with cavemen, Aztecs, witches and scary stories (Haunted House and Haunted House: Rest in Paradise).

What I’ve seen in their games is mostly the type of relatively basic design which you can expect from a land-based slot machine turned into an online title. It’s generally not as modern looking as something you’d get from an online casino, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The graphics improve for some of their titles, such as Witch Hunter. Comedy seems to be a big selling point for them, and it’s especially evident in a slot like Haunted House: Rest In Paradise, which has 100% themed symbols as well.

Popular Titles

The most popular series from WMG appears to be the one inspired by fowl birds. Three different games are in it, which would mean more than a quarter of their current collection. Their titles are Fowl 4 Play, Fowl Play London and Fowl Play Gold. If that doesn’t interest you, then perhaps the Haunted House series will.

Highest RTP Games

I haven’t found much information on the RTP of the WMG slots, except for a couple which were quoted as having a 90% return. It’s a very low figure, one which I hope they improved in at least some of their online slots.